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Class Information

All classes are held at Mt Martha house on the Mornington Peninsula

Due to limited time to cover in detail all aspects during our Childbirth Preparation Class we HIGHLY recommend that you consider booking into our Labour and Breastfeeding Classes. These classes were designed to enhance your preparation in these specific areas!

Please see our Class prices page for our 3 class special offer!

Childbirth Preparation
10 AM - 3 PM 

Our Chldbirth Preparation class is a full one day workshop for couples covering everything you need to know from late pregnancy, labour, birth to breastfeeding and caring for your new baby. From our childbirth class you will gain information to make the best choices for you and your baby. Our class will empower you towards a positive, safe birth and help you discover the joys of parenting with confidence and ease.  We will take the mystery out of labour, birth and life with a newborn. This is a non-judgemental setting where your questions will be answered honestly and realistically through my knowledge and experiences as a midwife.



Topics Covered:

Late Pregnancy Overview

Preparation for Labour & Birth

Birth Wish List

Support in Labour

Hospital bag Preparation

Signs of early Labour

When to call the hospital

Process of Labour & Birth

Pain relief options

Unexpected outcomes

Assisted Births

Baby care after birth

Swaddling, Nappy changing, bathing &

Baby wearing Practical component

Breastfeeding Basics

Parenting Tips

Postnatal Emotional Changes

Helpful Resources

A unique and intimate class focusing on achieving a Natural labour and birth through Relaxation, Active Birth Principles & Practical techniques. Don't underestimate the importance of your support during your Labour & Birth - those who surround the birthing women in labour can have a huge effect on how the labour goes and what your experience of birth is, which you will remember for the rest of your life. 


Topics Covered:

Learn more about women's physiology and how it works during labour

Post due date methods of Naturally Inducing Labour at home

Understanding the role of the support person(s) during Labour & Birth

Intimacy in Labour

How you can support and protect the labouring women so they can birth instinctively

Learne how to motivate and encourage women to trust the birthing process


Non-Medical pain relief options and working with pain

Placenta encapsulation

Practical Component: including practising labour/birthing positions that promote Active Birth Principles, breathing techniques in labour, Accupressure, Massage & Rebozo techniques.

 Relaxation Tools

Developing strategies for implementing these ideas for both home and hospital settings

This class is perfect for ANY couples wishing to aim for a natural labour/birth, including VBAC delivery, previous tramatic birth experience and homebirth

Great For A Subsequent Pregnancy Refresher!


Natural Labour



2.5 hrs


Getting Started


2.5 hrs

Our Breastfeeding class is offered to ALL expectant couples to learn all there is to know about Breastfeeding your baby before they arrive. Breastfeeding is a natural, powerful system and you can Breastfeed no matter what kind of start you and your baby have, but like labour/birth it can be less overwhelming when you start to prepare beforehand. I aim to provide ALL expectant couples with a positive, relaxed and confident approach to your Breastfeeding journey with your new baby - even when things don't always go to plan. Whether it's your first baby, are wanting to try Breastfeeding with a subsequent baby, need a refresher or have had trouble breastfeeding in the past, this class is a MUST!


Topics Covered:

Normal Changes of the Breast during pregnancy

How is Breastmilk made?

Benefits of Breastfeeding for a mother and baby

The importance of the first Breastfeed

Skin to skin contact & Breastfeeding

Practical Breastfeeding Basics - positioning & attachment

Feeding patterns

Unexpected Scenarios

Myths and Facts of Breastfeeding

When Breastfeeding does not go to plan

Signs of milk transfer  - Is baby getting enough?

Breastfeeding Support

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