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PICK UP: Please note that this service pick up is available only on the Mornington Peninsula and CLOSE surrounding suburbs e.g Frankston, Karingal etc -
OUTSIDE OF THIS AREA: Collection will need to take place at a mutual location if birthing outside of the Mornington Peninsula and capsules can be returned to this location or sent via express post once completed. 

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impact numerous health benefits.

This service isnt for everyone so you should conduct your own research to ensure it alligns with what you feel is best for you. 

Benefits you MAY experience - like all services in Placenta Encapsulation we cannot guarantee results. 

Placenta Encapsulation!

Increases & Supports Lactation
Postnatal Bleeding
Reduces Fatigue
Increases Energy
Replaces Depleted 
Vitamins & Minerals
Reduces the Risk of Experiencing Postnatal Depression

Placenta Services

The best time to organise your placenta to be encapsulated is ideally as soon as possible so you dont miss out on a spot as numbers per month are limited - BUT if you suddenly decide at the last minute to do so then please contact me on 0432806883 and i will do my best to make it possible.

What you will recieve:

cost $250

  • Approximately 100 - 200 capsules, both Kosher & Halal certified 

  •  Pick Up & Delivery of your placenta to the hospital you have birthed at or home (collection & drop off times are between 10am - 8pm if you birth outside of these hours then collection will take place the following morning)

  • Your Placenta pills will be returned to you within 24 - 48hours of collection to start consuming immediatly 

  • Cord keepsake

  • Pictures of your placenta via email (optional)

It is important to note that I have completed the Bloodborn Pathogens for placenta encapsulators & food handlers courses as well as hold a current police & working with childrens check. 


Once your booking has been recieved i will be in contact with you to obtain further details from you within 48 hours. 

My personal Placenta Encapsulation experience 

During my second pregnancy I started to explore the fascinating world of Placentophagy (from 'placenta' + 'phagy' = to eat). Although I had a very straightforward first birth the recovery post natally took longer than expected and included breastmilk issues as a result of worry & stress. Second time around I promised myself I would do everything in my power to avoid what I had experienced with my first baby - this is where Placenta Encapsulation comes into my story. After months of reading, googling and researching everything about Placenta Encapsulation I made the decision to give it a try and see for myself what all the hype was about. 24 hours post my second babies arrival I encapsulated my placenta and started consuming the pills - after a couple of days I started noticing how great physically and emotionally I was feeling. My breastmilk supply was off to a great start, my bleeding was very minimal and I was healing from the birth with no problems. This continued to improve each day and by the time I was a couple of weeks post birth I was convinced my placenta pills were the reason behind my trouble free recovery! I now discuss my placenta encapsulation story during my Childbirth Preparation Classes and recommend it to all expecting mums! 

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