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Welcome to our All-Day Childbirth Preparation Class, a comprehensive and immersive learning experience designed to empower and prepare expectant parents for the transformative journey of childbirth. This full-day class is packed with valuable information, practical skills, and emotional support to help you approach childbirth with confidence and knowledge.

Led by our experienced midwife/childbirth educator, this intensive class covers a wide range of topics essential to your childbirth preparation. Throughout the day, you will explore the stages of labor, pain management techniques, coping strategies, medical interventions, birth preferences, partner involvement, and postpartum care. We believe in providing evidence-based information, ensuring you have the tools to make informed decisions that align with your birth preferences and values.

Our All-Day Childbirth Preparation Class offers an interactive and engaging learning environment. Through discussions, visual aids, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, you will actively participate in the learning process. This class encourages open dialogue and provides a safe space for you to ask questions, share concerns, and connect with other expectant parents who are on a similar journey.

Our Childbirth Preparation Class also includes a practical component that allows you to develop hands-on skills essential for caring for your newborn. We understand that learning through practice is invaluable, and we are dedicated to equipping you with the practical knowledge needed for those early days with your baby.

During the practical component of the class, you will have the opportunity to practice essential newborn care skills, including swaddling, nappy changing, dressing your baby, and baby wearing. We will guide you step-by-step, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with these essential tasks.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, our class emphasises the importance of emotional well-being and self-care during pregnancy, labour, and beyond. We address common fears and anxieties surrounding childbirth, providing strategies for relaxation, mindfulness, and building a positive mindset. We believe that nurturing your emotional well-being is vital for a positive birth experience.

As part of our commitment to your holistic childbirth preparation, we provide breaks and opportunities for nourishment throughout the day.

By the end of our All-Day Childbirth Preparation Class, you will leave feeling empowered, informed, and ready to navigate the birthing process with confidence. You will have a deeper understanding of your options and feel better equipped to communicate with your healthcare provide.

We also provide additional resources and recommendations for ongoing support, such as books, online communities, and local support groups. We want you to feel supported and connected as you continue your journey towards parenthood.

Invest in your childbirth experience by joining our All-Day Childbirth Preparation Class. Arm yourself with knowledge, build your support network, and embrace this transformative time with confidence and preparedness.

*Upon booking please place weekend date into comment section. You will atutomatically recieve a confirmation after booking via your email and be contacted by Alissa, again via email, the week before your class with venue & class information.

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