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Labour Massage Oil & Postpartum Peri Healing Spray

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Product Details

Introducing our Labour Massage Oil and Postpartum Peri Healing Spray, thoughtfully crafted to support and nurture mothers through the transformative journey of childbirth. Our 100ml bottles contain a harmonious blend of pure essential oils, carefully selected to provide comfort, relief, and healing during and after labour.

Labour Massage Oil:

Enriched with the soothing power of nature, our Labour Massage Oil is designed to ease the intensity of labour pains while promoting relaxation and tranquility. The combination of lavender, mandarin, geranium, ylang ylang and clary sage essential oils creates a gentle yet effective formula, offering relief to tired muscles and providing emotional support during this profound experience. The lightweight and easily absorbable oil make it perfect for massage, encouraging a sense of calm and well-being for the expecting mother.

Key Features:

  • To be used from 37 weeks of pregnancy due to Clary Sage Essential Oils.
  • Clary sage is believed to work in late pregnancy by promoting uterine contractions and potentially aiding the initiation of labour. It contains compounds that may stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that plays a key role in triggering contractions.
  • Designed to alleviate labour pains and promote relaxation.
  • Lightweight and easily absorbable for massage.

Postpartum Peri Healing Spray:

Embrace the healing power of nature with our Postpartum Peri Healing Spray, formulated to provide gentle relief and support during the postpartum period. This 100ml spray bottle contains a blend of witch hazel and lavender essential oils, known for their antiseptic and soothing properties. The spray is designed to promote healing and comfort for the perineal area after childbirth, making the recovery process a little more comfortable for new mothers.

Key Features:

  • Gentle and soothing blend of witch hazel, and lavender.
  • Formulated to aid in the healing of the perineal area postpartum.
  • Convenient spray application for easy and hygienic use.

Both products are free from harmful chemicals and artificial additives, ensuring that you are providing your body with the purest and most natural support during this extraordinary time. Pamper yourself or gift these essential oils to an expecting mother, offering the comfort and care she deserves during the incredible journey of childbirth and beyond. Embrace the power of nature with our Labour Massage Oil and Postpartum Peri Healing Spray – because every mother deserves to feel nurtured and supported.

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