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Placenta Encapsulation PLUS Tinture

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Product Details

In addition to our Placenta Encapsulation Package, we are pleased to offer a inclusion of a Placenta Tincture. Alongside the encapsulated placenta, you will receive a 100ml vial of placenta tincture as part of our comprehensive service.

Placenta tincture is a powerful and long-lasting extract that can provide ongoing benefits beyond the immediate postpartum period. It is created by steeping a piece of the placenta in high-quality alcohol, allowing the medicinal properties to be preserved and concentrated. This tincture can be used in the weeks, months, or even years following birth to support hormonal balance, provide emotional stability, and assist with any potential future transitions or challenges.

To ensure the highest quality and potency, we follow a meticulous process in creating your placenta tincture. After carefully selecting a small piece of the placenta, we allow it to steep in a premium alcohol base for a minimum of six weeks, allowing the beneficial constituents to infuse into the tincture. The resulting product is a concentrated and potent remedy, specifically tailored to your placenta.

By including the placenta tincture in our package, we offer you the opportunity to maximise the potential benefits of your placenta and provide support for your overall well-being during the postpartum period and beyond.

When you book our Placenta Encapsulation Package, you can rest assured that both the encapsulated placenta and the placenta tincture will be prepared with care and attention to detail. We are dedicated to providing you with a holistic and personalised service, supporting your postpartum journey on the Mornington Peninsula.

This package includes your Placenta Capsules, 100 ml Placenta Tincture, Cord keep Sake and information sheet.

Please note your tincture will take 6 weeks to complete and will be returned after this period to your home address.

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